Can I File A Bankruptcy Only On My Medical Bills?

05 Aug Can I File A Bankruptcy Only On My Medical Bills?

Just the other day I was asked can I file a medical bankruptcy? The answer is no. There is no such thing. You can file bankruptcy on your medical bills. However your bankruptcy must include every bill and everyone that you owe. You can not just file on the medical bills. Generally the medical bills will be discharged and will go away.

Medical bills are often cited as one of the prime reason people end up filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law requires that all of your bills and all of your creditors are listed.If you do not list all of your bills you may have problems with your bankruptcy. The failure to disclose assets or debts can prevent you from receiving your discharge.

The worst part about leaving out a bill is that you may still owe it after your bankruptcy. Now you have filed bankruptcy without getting all of the relief you deserve.

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