Can Bankruptcy Help Get My Drivers License Back in Kansas?

20 Sep Can Bankruptcy Help Get My Drivers License Back in Kansas?

Following up on Susanne Robicsek’s post, Can Bankruptcy Help Get My Drivers License Back?, I report that Kansas is more restrictive than North Carolina.

The State of Kansas Department of Revenue Driver Control Bureau will honor a bankruptcy petition and restore a driver’s license as a substitute for a release from a victim harmed in a motor vehicle accident in which the debtor owned or drove a vehicle without insurance.

Unlike North Carolina, the Kansas Driver Control Bureau will not restore a drivers license in the event the license has been suspended for nonpayment of fines. Like North Carolina, suspension for driving infractions or convictions of crimes cannot be solved with a bankruptcy filing.

Ms. Robicsek’s advice to seek counsel from a bankruptcy attorney is good. If the license cannot be restored by the bankruptcy petition, often, eliminating other debts through bankruptcy will free up income to pay the fines and get the drivers license restored.

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