Bankrutpcy Research on the Internet – the Official Bankruptcy Clerk’s Site

12 Oct Bankrutpcy Research on the Internet – the Official Bankruptcy Clerk’s Site

If you use search engines like Google and Yahoo to educate yourself about bankruptcy information, you will come across a number of web sites from lawyers (like me and my colleagues on the Bankruptcy Law Network) that offer online bankruptcy information. A list of the websites from lawyers who contribute to this blog can be found in the column entitled “Attorneys in Our Network.”

In addition to law firm sites, another place you should visit is the web site for the clerk of your local bankruptcy court. The clerk’s site will provide useful information about local procedures, the bankruptcy judges and locations of courtrooms. Most clerk sites also provide information about the bankruptcy law.

In the Northern District of Georgia, where I practice, the clerk’s web site can be found by clicking on the link. This clerk’s web site also contains a helpful section about the current bankruptcy law.

While web sites published by bankruptcy clerks may not answer all of your questions, the information contained therein will usually be accurate and will give you a good starting point for your further research. You can find the clerk’s site for the district where you live by searching “clerk of bankruptcy court in XYZ city or state.”

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I represent individuals in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases filed in the Northern District of Georgia, which includes Atlanta, Newnan, Gainesville and Rome. I publish several informative web sites, including and an Atlanta bankruptcy blog, Please mention Bankruptcy Law Network when you call.
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