Bankruptcy Without Starvation.

07 Nov Bankruptcy Without Starvation.

water into wineOften the first thought when thinking about bankruptcy is how to put food on the table. With that said, I believe bankruptcy and dieting go hand in hand. When you first think about dieting don’t you all the sudden start feeling hunger pains bubble up from the depths of your toes? The same holds true for bankruptcy and this stands to reason as bankruptcy is form of dieting. The traditional dieting process means you are slimming down your physical waistline in the attempt to become physically fit. Bankruptcy slims down your expense waistline in an attempt to become financially fit. Either way these two situations stimulate feelings of hunger as does writing this post.Food and water are a necessity and there is just no way of getting around this fact of life. Neither man nor beast can live by crackers and water alone. So we must strive to strike a happy medium between bland meal budgeting and over the top culinary creations.

I can’t change water into wine while striving to reach this balance but I might be able to change your perspective of meal preparation on a budget. Previously I have discussed making trips to Walmart an adventure instead of chore. Further we have visited about how the Amish keep their food budget in check by farming the land or keeping gardens. But recently I was introduced to another food gem that may be helpful for anyone who is looking to prepare meals on a budget without sacrificing taste and variety.

It is called Budget Bytes. This is a website owned and operated by a young lady by the name of Beth Moncel. She discusses her financial struggle of needs vs wants. In fact Beth explains it best by saying: “…I just like to be able to have my cake, eat it AND pay my bills on time.” Can’t everyone relate to that feeling?

The site is laid out in a very user friendly fashion without overwhelming the senses. There is a cornucopia of mouth watering recipes to choose from covering every craving from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you count sheep to fall asleep.

Once identifying a recipe you will be able to review the standard details such as servings, meal preparation and time. Additionally Beth has taken the time to estimate the cost of the meal and breakout the cost per serving. This is where this site stands racks above anyone else.

So what? Why do I need to know the cost per serving? Well depending on where you live in the country a meal at one of your fast food joints can run $5-8. Whereas if you prepared Beth’s Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups you would pay $1.14 for that serving. Let’s split the difference of the fast food meal and say it cost us $6.50. $6.50 fast food – $1.14 Spinach Lasagna Roll Up = $5.36 savings. $5.36 savings by eating Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups * 5 days a week * 52 weeks a year = $1,393.6 a year in savings. Don’t worry there are plenty of servings under $2 so you don’t have to eat spinach each day.

$1,393.6 may not seem like a lot but this is the savings with replacing just the fast food lunch. Now sit and multiply the savings for each meal you eat out on a regular basis and you just might find the savings equaling the debt on one of your credit cards. Savings plus a tantalizing meal, how much better can it get?

So whether you are considering bankruptcy or just wanting to trim your food budget take for a spin around the blender. The meal you choose just may assist your budget and your health.

Remember that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about spicing your meals up on a budget the more power you will have to keep that budget in check.

Image by Rachel Lynn Foley.

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