Bankruptcy & the French Manicure.

07 Jun Bankruptcy & the French Manicure.

French manicures & bankruptcy do not go hand & hand.

It is not uncommon to envision a penniless pauper when you mention the term bankruptcy.Some might even envision someone who is disheveledand whose nails are a complete disaster.The truth is folks who file bankruptcy are ordinary folks whose expenses exceed their income.With that said there is still a perception of a certain lifestyle that accompanies those who file bankruptcy. “The principal purpose of the Bankruptcy Code is to grant a ‘fresh start’ to the ‘honest but unfortunate debtor’.”Marrama v. Citizens Bank of Massachusetts,127 S.Ct. 1105 (2007)So as a bankruptcy attorney I must guide my debtor’s budget to show that they deserve a fresh start because they honestly cannot afford their debts as a result of unfortunate circumstances.Sometimes this is tougher than one might think.Let’s circle back to the French manicure.

I ’m not a big nail person but thought I would explore the world of the French manicure.I dove in by obtaining a French mani and pedi.Manicure and pedicure for those not in the know, which was me until I had one.The price tag for this adventure?$60 for both the manicure and pedicure which were a gel base.My hands and feet looked exquisite as the excitement of this new adventure washed over me.It was like wearing new shoes or a watch; I could not stop looking my nails because there were fabulous.This feeling was only a set up to a letdown.

Did you know your nails constantly grow?Who knew?Apparently nails grow one-tenth of inch per month.So the result of this phenomenon is that within two to three weeks your nails have grown out while destroying your look of perfection. I will say the gel based polish worked perfectly as my nails did not chip during that period.However by the end of the third week I broke down and removed the gel polish from my nails.That part of the adventure resulted in stripping my nails and causing them to crack when I never had problems before.Now I have to decide if I am going to plunk down another $60 to maintain my nails or go back to doing them myself.

I am kind of cheapskate so I decided to go back to doing my own nails and skip the French lifestyle all together.Fast forward to my next client intake when the debtor wore a French manicure and a very nice manicure at that.When I inquired about the French manicure the response was “I am not changing this routine.” I was also informed that I offended her for being so mean to suggest that a French manicure was a luxury expense and she could not file bankruptcy because of it.What I actually said was that if the trustee looked at your nails they might ask if your budget is set in reality and can you do more to cut your living expenses?

But the bottom line is that the client is the client and I can only advise and not force an issue.We attended the 341 meeting and because of certain circumstances the United States Trustee’s office was part of the proceedings asking questions about the budget and why couldn’t they adjust their expenses to pay back some of the debt?

For reasons not related to the French manicure the debtors were able to obtain their discharge and proceed with their “fresh start”.However, before the discharge was entered I was questioned as to why my debtor was sporting a French manicure and giving an attitude while being questioned about her budget.We went on to discuss the French manicure and the cost of the procedure.I was informed in no uncertain terms that the attitude ofI deserve to walk away from my debt without adjusting my lifestyle would not be tolerated.Luckily the totality of the circumstances outweighed the French manicure and attitude.

Perception is a very powerful tool and like it or not you must keep this in mind when filing bankruptcy.If you strut into court with your Dooney & Bourke and French manicure acting as though the court personnel should bow at your feet, you might just wind up learning the hard way that you are a guest in the trustee’s house of debt forgiveness and not the other way around.

Remember that knowledge is power.The more knowledge you have about changing your perception of what your lifestyle should be, the more power you will have to obtain a “fresh start” as described by the United States Supreme Court.



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