Bankruptcy Stimulus Plan

16 Aug Bankruptcy Stimulus Plan

Save more money, spend it on your self, and stimulate your local economy. Here is how to do it.

Many people are in a credit card rut, paying minimum payments each month while the balance grows beyond control. Those fortunate to have jobs struggle paycheck to paycheck as credit cards gobble up take home pay. Often there is little left to live on.

Your credit card money goes to giant out of town banks. The money does not help support your local stores. Look around your town at all the empty storefronts and for rent signs. Local businesses in your community are suffering, as are you. Your pain is shared by others in your neighborhood.

There is a reason Capital One Bank portrays credit card banks as a horde of marauding invaders. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines maraud as ‘to roam about and raid in search of plunder’. It is time to stop the financial invasion.

There is an easy test to see if you need help. If you owe more money today than you did yesterday you need to stimulate your budget. Do you qualify for a government bailout? Naw, that is not going to happen. There is no TARP money for you. Much of that is being used to give those bank executives big bonuses. So consider making your own stimulus package. Consider discharging your debt in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can wipe out your credit card debt and give you more of your take home pay to spend on yourself and in your neighborhood stores. Bankruptcy is a simple solution to the problem you face. Chrysler and General Motors both received government bail out money to stimulate the economy. Both corporations filed bankruptcy. If it worked for them it must be okay for you, right?

Isn’t it time you stimulate your personal economy? To put it simply, put your money where your mouth is. You eat, sleep and live in your hometown. Stop sending your paycheck to an out of town credit card bank. Support you and your neighbors first through microscopic economics on the local level.

Contact your local bankruptcy attorney today and ask how bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start.

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Andy Miofsky, Esq.

Andy Miofsky holds the highest AV PREEMINENT rating from Martindale Hubbell Law Directory and a perfect 10.0 from AVVO. Andy is an Illinois consumer rights lawyer with offices in Granite City Illinois. Andy represents people with bankruptcy and student loan debt problems throughout the Southern District of Illinois since 1979.
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