Bankruptcy in Florida: How fast can I file?

14 Apr Bankruptcy in Florida: How fast can I file?

Although there are many issues to consider prior to filing bankruptcy in Florida, one of the most important issues is timing the filing of the bankruptcy petition and schedules correctly.

Sometimes, the debtor is advised to wait to file for bankruptcy protection; however, a debtor may need to file for bankruptcy protection quickly to prevent a repossession, foreclosure or some other imminent event, like an eviction.

Additionally, by filing the bankruptcy petition at a certain time, the debtor may be able to gain a strategic advantage. Your individual circumstances will dictate the time of filing.

In almost all circumstances, a bankruptcy petition can be filed quickly provided that you have complied with the United States Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and your Local Rules. Most importantly, do not forget the credit counseling requirement.

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Carmen Dellutri is a proud member of the Florida Bar, and he is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, Certified by the American Board of Certification. He practices in the areas of Consumer Bankruptcy and Plaintiff's Personal Injury. He is the principal attorney at The Dellutri Law Group, P.A. The firm supports many charitable and civic causes by donating time and much needed capital to our community. Mr. Dellutri and the other attorneys in the firm routinely speak to students of all ages about various legal and societal issues.
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