Bankrupt or Low Income? NC Residents Can Get Help With Prescription Drugs.

28 Jan Bankrupt or Low Income? NC Residents Can Get Help With Prescription Drugs.

Many of my bankruptcy clients are unable to afford their medications. In a press announcement today I learned that North Carolinians who are unable to afford their prescription medicines can now get them for free. Attorney General Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics, and NC MedAssist announced today that a pilot program to give low-income North Carolinians free access to necessary prescription drugs has been expanded to serve residents statewide.

For some individuals, filing for bankruptcy may help them afford their medicines even if they don’t qualify for this program. I have seen too many people forgo their medicines because they can’t afford them, when the reality is that their money is going to payments on credit cards which could be forgiven in bankruptcy. This would free up funds to buy medical treatment and medications they need. Other people are overwhelmed by medical debts which might be discharged in bankruptcy.

Today’s announcement is great news for people in need of medical treatment who are low income. For those who need help with their finances so they can get medical treatment, there may be help for you too. Call an experienced bankruptcy lawyer near you to learn what bankruptcy can do for your situation.

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