Author: Eugene Melchionne, Esq.

04 Feb What happens to Non-filing Spouse’s Tax Refund in Bankruptcy?

What happens to tax refunds in a bankruptcy case?According to a recent decision by Judge Krechevsky of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Connecticut, not only is a non-filing spouse's tax refund not part of the bankruptcy estate subject to a grab by the U.S. Trustee, the tax refund itself must be apportioned according to the contributions withheld from the respective spouse's pay in the calendar year for the tax refund.
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03 Feb Costs of Credit Counseling In Bankruptcy

Prior to filing a bankruptcy case, you must undergocredit counseling. The certificate is only good for six months from the date of the session. This means that you must use it to file bankruptcy at any time within that six months.

The second course is called "Debtor Education" and it should be completed within 45 days AFTER your meeting with the U.S. Trustee. After this session, you will receive a certificate much like the first one. This certificate can be seen as your 'ticket' out of bankruptcy.

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