Author: Eugene Melchionne, Esq.

14 May 50 Ways To Surrender Your Property In Bankruptcy

With apologies to Paul Simon: You Just slip out the back, Jack Make a new plan, Stan You don't need to be coy, Roy Just get yourself free Hop on the bus, Gus You don't need to discuss much Just drop off the key, Lee And get yourself free 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Until you get the property out of your name, you are still responsible for it, a fact recently pointed out by my colleague, Jay Fleischman. You have to do something to get that property out of your name so you can walk away with peace of mind. How do you do it? As the song time suggests there are a myriad number of ways to transfer the title out of your name. Maybe there aren't 50 ways, but here are a few:
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