6 Stress-Reduction Tips For Cash-Strapped Times

21 Nov 6 Stress-Reduction Tips For Cash-Strapped Times

We live in a hyper-stressed world, with work and family pulling us in all directions at once. Sometimes I wonder how we’re living longer as a society – after all, the stress can’t be good for us.

Lots of my friends respond to stress by working out, sitting by the television in an effort to dull their senses, or hitting the day spa for a massage. That’s great for them, but not for me. I dislike gyms, am not much for most TV beyond The Big Bang Theory, and the thought of a stranger touching me at a day spa makes me want to run screaming from the room.

It occurs to me that all three of these stress-reduction solutions require money, something you may not have all that much of right now. Given the fact that being strapped for funds is a stressful event, you could probably use some stress relief right about now. It’s good to clear your head so you can focus on getting through these difficult times.

Take A Walk. As I said, I’m no fan of the gym. That said, there’s something nice about taking a walk outside. I usually strap on my headphones and crank up something loud, but just as often the silence of the world around you is pretty relaxing. It clears the mind, giving you time to yourself.

Crank The Tunes. Music is primal. It allows us to get in touch with our deepest emotions. Plus, playing air guitar in the living room to the soundtrack of Iron Man is a heck of a great way to take out your anxiety, stress and frustration.

Hit The Library. The library is an oasis of quiet, and it’s got free books. Wander the shelves, pick up something that you’d never spend money on, and have a seat. Maybe you’ll learn something, or perhaps just get lost in the words for awhile.

Take A Bath. A shower gets you clean, but a soak in the tub is another thing altogether. If you’re someone who’s into candles or bath salts, go for it. Heck, grab your kid’s bubble bath if that makes it more serene.

Do A Mindless Chore. I’m a big fan of laundry or cooking, two tasks that require little thought, to set my brain free. I’ve got a friend who swears by sweeping the floor. The repetition lets your mind relax a little, which eases stress.

Meditate. Maybe you’re religious, maybe you go for yoga. If so, you know how to take some quiet time. For those of us who tend towards the secular and sedentary, a little silence in a dark room does wonders.

Whatever you do, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. Doing so allows you to mentally unwind so you can face the challenges in your life.

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