January 2013

28 Jan Filing Bankruptcy Is About Making Tough Choices

Every new year comes with a renewed sense opportunity. People see a new year as the right time to "get it right" or "start over". Whatever words motivate you are great, and I'm all for a motivational quote as a trigger to keep me on the right track. This is why people make new year resolutions. In one way or another we have all made a new year resolution. Sometimes these resolutions work and people create real change in their lives. 2013 Sticky NotesOther times, people fall into their comfortable life patterns and the resolutions are quickly forgotten. I've always said that it's not about making the right choice, it's about seeing the other side of the choice. I am choosing this, but in return for my choice I am giving up that, that, that and that. You may be scratching your head right now, and that's ok. Well, the decision to file bankruptcy requires that you make other choices as well. Filing for bankruptcy is about making the tough choices, but those choices are probably not the ones that are popping into your head. My guess is that you are thinking about debt. You may be thinking that the house is underwater and the car payment is due. But, if you really think about it, financial choices are the exact same as all of the other choices you have made in your life. The person who chooses law school will be choosing not to become a politician. The teacher is choosing not to become a firefighter or policeman.
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