November 2012

30 Nov Does Your Bankruptcy Attorney Walk the Talk?

Does your bankruptcy attorney have what it takes to get your case through the bankruptcy court? Can he or she walk the talk? Does your bankruptcy attorney have the experience and proven results to make a commitment to you, one that you can count on? Let's face it, we have all seen people at networking events, social events, or heard the guys on the radio promising "pennies on the dollar", in essence, making promises that their product or service will deliver results that they obviously cannot produce. Unfortunately, I have heard of similar snake oil salesmen in the bankruptcy world. So, how does a consumer protect themselves from inexperienced bankruptcy counsel? Do your homework! Start with a Google Search. That will help you start your research. Look at the bankruptcy attorney's website, and take your time reviewing the information provided. Does it focus on bankruptcy law? Look for articles or blogs that the bankruptcy attorney has written? Are there any cases published with the Attorney as the Attorney of Record? DO NOT RELY PURELY ON AN ADVERTISEMENT.
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27 Nov Stop Creditor Harassment, Foreclosure, Garnishment? File Bankruptcy!

Filing a bankruptcy petition is not for everyone. But if you are facing foreclosure, are being threatened with having your wages garnished or receiving harassing phone calls from creditors you should seriously consider bankruptcy. Most experienced consumer bankruptcy attorneys will be able to review your situation...

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