January 2012

31 Jan Top 15 Lies About Bankruptcy-Lie #1: Congress Ended Bankruptcy in 2005

Top 15 Lies About Bankruptcy Lie #1: Congress Ended Bankruptcy in 2005   Truth-o-Meter: Even though the 2005 amendments to the Bankruptcy Code known as "BAPCPA" were passed a long time ago, we are still hearing a lot of misinformation about this. Some of the worst falsehoods that bill...

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30 Jan Your Bankruptcy Lawyer And You – The Interview

As a Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer who regularly meets with individuals about their financial issues, I always treat the initial interview as if I am applying for a job. Yes, that is correct. The Client is actually hiring the bankruptcy lawyer, so why should I treat the initial interview as anything else. After all, they are hopefully going to hire me. Before ever getting to the initial interview, the client has to make several decisions. First, how do they find an attorney. While many people are referred to a bankruptcy lawyer by friends or relatives, some people are not so lucky. This is where you have to do your homework. If you read the bankruptcy law network blog regularly, you know how to find one. But, for those who spend their time doing other - shall we say less important - things, my colleague Jay Fleischman, made it easy.
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