June 2009

30 Jun Will Health Care Reform Stop Fraudulent Medical Billing Practices?

Congress is considering proposals that would reform the health care system.  Some, like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont are citing massive fraud by the health care industry and calling on "real health care reform to prevent major insurance companies, drug companies and hospital chains from perpetrating fraud...

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30 Jun Are There Any Reasons NOT to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Part 2-You May Not Discharge All Your Debt

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually wipes the slate clean as far as most of your debts are concerned, there are some debts that may not be discharged. Certain debts, such as most taxes, child or spousal support, and student loans usually survive the Chapter 7 discharge. Debts incurred through fraud, may also survive the discharge. And in cases where the Chapter 7debtor has lied on his/her bankruptcy petition or meeting of creditors, or attempted to withhold assets, a creditor, the Chapter 7 Trustee, or the US Trustee could object to the entire discharge. Sales tax, withholding tax (or if a corporation owed the tax, you are only personally liable for the "trust fund" portion) and income taxes assessed less than 3 years prior to the bankruptcy filing are not dischargeable. Property taxes are dischargeable as to you, if you are giving up the property, but if you are keeping the property they will remain on the property.
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