April 2008

30 Apr Loan Modification: Who Ya Gonna Call? Part II

Yes, the government has passed pages and pages of legislation and they have talked this problem to death, but they cannot seem to grasp the basic communication problems going on here. Nowadays, a person cannot speak with their mortgage company, they usually have to speak with a mortgage servicer. Before we speak about mortgage servicers, it is important to note that many home-owners do not know that they have a mortgage servicer and honestly believe that the mortgage servicer is the mortgage company. This is why home-owners cannot understand why some trust is foreclosing on them when they make their monthly payment to Wells Fargo.
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29 Apr Landlord charged with serving fake eviction notice

Inevitably, in this economy, people cannot pay debts they owe, including their monthly rent. Failure to pay rent results in the legal removal of the tenant by the landlord in a process known as eviction. However, when that legal process becomes too inconvenient, a landlord might just try to fake it. As reported in the Florida Times-Union, an employee of a Jacksonville apartment complex was arrested and charged with serving a fake eviction notice on one of her tenants. If I had to guess, I would say this was not the first time she had done so. Are you being evicted in Florida? I found an excellent summary of the steps involved in a Florida eviction at Rental Housing On Line. Compare what is happening to you with what Florida law requires.
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29 Apr Florida Attorney General Sues “Foreclosure Consulting Service”

As the whole world knows, Lee County, Florida is leading the nation in foreclosures. The cities in Lee County that are experiencing the highest foreclosure rate are Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres. According to the latest statistics, something like 1 in 86 homes in Lee County are in the foreclosure process, and not much is being done to fix the leak in the dam. Of course, with every crisis, there will be scam artists who will try to make money from the less fortunate, and there will be those that try to stop the scam artists. The Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, recently filed a lawsuit against a business in Clearwater, Florida for the use of unfair and deceptive practices against the public. The company named Law & Associates, LLC was sending out direct mail solicitations to Floridians who were going through the foreclosure process. The company offered foreclosure consulting services, but charged a large up front fee for those services, never followed through on the services, and failed to return monies despite a money back guarantee.
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