July 2007

30 Jul What Is Circular 230 And Why Do I See It On Emails And Letters?

Internal Revenue ServiceThe Internal Revenue Service regulates what lawyers (including bankruptcy lawyers) and Certified Public Accountants can tell their clients, at least when they are giving advice about certain tax matters. Lawyers and CPAs and Enrolled Agents are allowed to represent taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS. A government publication, Circular 230, lists the rules that must be followed when representing taxpayers in front of the Internal Revenue Service; a failure to follow these rules exposes the practitioner to a possible fine or other sanctions. IRS rules require that lawyers and other tax professionals tell the truth when talking to the IRS. They are also required to fully disclose possible penalties that may apply in gray areas when they advise clients to act in some ways that avoid tax. If a letter or email has the proper disclosure, it helps lawyers keep from making a mistake and breaking the rules.
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29 Jul The Collection Agency Says They’re Going To Garnish My Wages, Take My Car And Force Me To Sell My House To Pay My Debts: Can They Do That?

Collection agencies often use incredible scare tactics to get consumers to pay debts. They threaten to garnish wages, put liens on houses, take vehicles, and clean out your bank account. What they don't tell you is that in order to do any of these things, they...

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