Will I Ever Be Able to Get Credit Again?

12 Jul Will I Ever Be Able to Get Credit Again?

I hear that question from virtually every prospective client I meet. My answer is a qualified yes. I tell them that after a bankruptcy discharge, credit can be rebuilt and credit scores can be improved. With time, stable income, and diligence in making payments on time and monitoring credit reports for errors, you can get credit after bankruptcy.

It’s nice to be proven right. Today I had a visit from a former client. I filed a Chapter 7 for her in June of 2004. She had lost her home to foreclosure, and it broke her heart. She came by today to tell me that eight months ago, she was able to buy a new home. She has a nice, new house, and a payment she can afford. She remembered what I had told her, and she had done the right things to rebuild her credit.

I just love a happy ending.

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