When Should I See a Bankruptcy Attorney

18 Oct When Should I See a Bankruptcy Attorney

One day this week, I got so angry at my potential clients.  I did not express this anger out loud, but I did  want to reach across my desk and say  YOU SHOULD HAVE COME HERE WEEKS OR MONTHS AGO.  Three new clients, and all three of them, would have had much better options had they been in my office before they made their situation worse with bad decisions.  I knew there is a stigma about filing bankruptcy. I knew you would rather see anyone but a bankruptcy lawyer, but we often have the information to make a bad situation better or at least to protect you better.  Come see what my clients did before you do the same.

Client one had worked out deal with some of his credit cards to get them to stop calling.  He gave two of them permission to debit his checking account to avoid the phone calls.  Then he fell behind on his  car payment and his car was repossessed  several months ago.  Now the car lender was threatening to garnish his wages.   I wanted to scream.  The client had lost his car and put his house in jeopardy.  Had he been to my offices early at the least I would have told him pay your secured debt first.  Do not allow a creditor to do automatic withdrawals from a checking account to stop phone calls.  The client might have even saved his car in a Chapter 13.  Now the car is gone and the house is in arrears.

Client two transferred his house and his car to hide them from his creditors.  Now he was being sued and his wages were being threatened.  Well that was a mistake as he has now lost his exemptions for his house and his car.  Turned out both would have been protected easily in a Chapter 13.  This client listened to the wrong information and would have been helped by seeing a bankruptcy attorney.

The third client had been sending money to a debt management company and a mortgage modification company.  The client was still being sued by the creditors.  The debt management company had settled a couple of the debts, but again, the client was being sued. No one had explained to the clients how the collection process works and how long it takes. The mortgage modification company was a scam.  The bankruptcy lawyer could have provided these options.

Each of these clients were afraid to come to a bankruptcy lawyer.  They were afraid that filing  bankruptcy was calling themselves a failure.  They were afraid they would ruin their credit and credit score.  Each of these clients would have been able to get themselves in a better position, held onto more assets and finally get themselves some relief if they had come into see a bankruptcy lawyer sooner then later. Bankruptcy lawyers spent all their time dealing with the problems people have with their creditors.  We have the experience and knowledge to explain all the options you have to deal with your creditors.  We do it everyday.  Bankruptcy may not be the best answer for you but the only way you are going to understand your best options is to see a bankruptcy lawyer and see the lawyer early.

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