What Is This Notice I Just Got From The Bankruptcy Court

23 Oct What Is This Notice I Just Got From The Bankruptcy Court

You just filed a bankruptcy.  You thought everything was under control.  Now you got a letter from the bankruptcy court.  Inside that letter is a notice from the court.  This notice contains all sorts of important things and you should read it.

What is in the notice? If you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the notice will contain the following important information. This information can be relayed to creditors who still call.  This information helps you to know what is going on.

  1. Your case number will appear in several spots.
  2. The date your case was filed.
  3. It will tell you who your Judge is.
  4. It will tell you who your trustee is.
  5. It will tell where and when you need to go to court for your meeting of creditors.
  6. It will set a deadline for creditors to object to your bankruptcy. ( if no objection is filed usually your discharge will be mailed shortly.)
  7. It sets the deadline for an objection to be filed to your exemptions.
  8. It will set a deadline to file proof of claims if it is an asset case but usually the notice will reserve the setting of this deadline to a later date.
  9. It all explains certain rights you have and your creditors have. The chapter 13 notice tells you some other things about your case too.
  10. The chapter 13 notice will set out your case number, your Judge and your Trustee.
  11. It will also tell you when you need to be in court and where to go.  This is known as your meeting of creditors.
  12. It sets a deadline for proof of claims to be filed.
  13. It sets a deadline for filing objections to your Chapter 13 plan and the value of your assets.
  14. It sets the time and place for a hearing on Confirmation of your plan.This is a second important date for your calendar.  This is a date you need to review with your counsel.  You may not need to attend this hearing if no objection is filed or if the objection is resolved.  How confirmation hearing are handled vary throughout the country. The notice is an a very important document to review and understand.
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