Tips To Avoid Business Bankruptcy – Be Nicer To Your Customers Than The Airlines Are To Theirs

22 Nov Tips To Avoid Business Bankruptcy – Be Nicer To Your Customers Than The Airlines Are To Theirs

If you want to avoid filing for a business bankruptcy, take tips from the airline industry. It seems to me that small businesses everywhere (and also large ones) can learn some lessons about what NOT to do by looking at what most of the major air carriers are doing.

It is no surprise to me that there have been several bankruptcy filed by airlines such as USAir and American.

Airlines are complaining about profits dropping, so why are they making it more difficult for customers, hiding fees, and generally treating them badly? This makes no sense to me as a bankruptcy attorney, and goes against sound business practices to provide good customer service.

According to a report on Good Morning America, new “holiday fees” have been announced by the airlines adding about $10 per ticket for holiday travel, including such holidays such Thanksgiving, Christmas, the day after daylight savings begins, and the week after Easter. This is in addition to paying extra for premium seats, snacks, and even checking your luggage.

No one is being fooled by the “low fares” that serve as a base for numerous fees that are added onto the price of a ticket. No wonder the airlines are in trouble! Who really wants to fly anymore, when the inside of the cabins are often intolerable, the flight attendants have become baggage handlers, and people are packed into as many seats as can be fit into the space?

More and more, people fly only when they must, and airlines are loosing business as discretionary travel drops. When you have to fly, there aren’t a lot of options and the airlines depend on that, but most businesses have enough competition that you need to take care of your customers.

Do what you can to keep your business strong if you want to stay out of a bankruptcy lawyer’s office discussing filing a business bankruptcy.

Learn some lessons from the airlines by doing the opposite of what we are seeing them do.

  • Be honest with your customers by being up front about fees.
  • Don’t nickle and dime your customers for services you know they need.
  • Make them comfortable.
  • Treat customers as though you value their service.

If you do theses things and watch your costs, you may just ride out the recession and keep your loyal customers happy, and avoid filing bankruptcy to boot.

by Susanne Robicsek, Charlotte NC bankruptcy lawyer

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