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You’re in the Dentist’s chair, you just learned that you need a Root Canal, and you have no Dental Insurance. To quote the late Karl Malden:  “What Will You Do????? WHAT WILL YOU DO????” One solution being used more and more is the Medical Credit Card. Medical Credit Cards have been in use for some […]

Guess what day it is…Guess what day it is? No, it’s not Hump Day, but it is the day when Obamacare comes one step closer to reality with the Health Insurance Exchanges going online today. How might this affect bankruptcy?

Will the Federal Government shutdown on October 1, 2013?  If so, how will it effect the Bankruptcy Courts? In the movie “Mars Attacks”, after the Martians use their Ray Guns to blast both Houses of Congress (a possible solution to Congressional gridlock?), President Dale (Jack Nicholson) states:  “I want the people to know that they still have 2 […]

Louisiana homeowners facing foreclosure have something to cheer about in the form of greater protections from lenders. Louisiana, where I practice bankruptcy law, is a judicial foreclosure state, meaning that the procedure for seizing and selling a house requires a Creditor to file a lawsuit.  However, Louisiana is, for all purposes, a judicial foreclosure state in […]

The Alternative Financial Services Industry (AFSI).  Never heard of it? Well you have probably heard of Pawnshops, Pay Day Loans, Cash Advance Loans and Title Loans?  Believe it or not, they are one and the same. So, to quote Shakespeare, What’s in a name?  In this case, plenty! Pawnshops and their like have been trying to […]

The City of New Orleans, where I practice as a consumer bankruptcy attorney, is home to all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Federal City, which is located in Algiers, a suburb of New Orleans, is the National Headquarters of the Marine Corps Reserve and the Coast Guard. The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve […]