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12 Jul Do I Need An Attorney To File Bankruptcy?

Do youneed an attorney to file bankruptcy? No! Absolutely not! There is no requirement that you be represented by an attorney when you file a bankruptcy! In fact, I found a website today that tells you how to do one yourself! Tips Catalog! Should you use an attorney to file your bankruptcy? Yes! Absolutely! There is no question that Americans have become a society of do it yourselfers. All you need to do to prove this is to look at the number of hardware stores and car parts stores that are out there these days.
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27 Feb If I File For Bankruptcy Do I Have To Include My Spouse’s Income?

There are times when only one spouse in a marriage will want tofile for bankruptcy. Some of the factors to consider in determining whether spouses should file a joint orseparate bankruptcyare discussed by New Mexico BankruptcyAttorney Gini Nelsoninherarticle Must the Non-Filing Spouse’s Information Be Disclosed? Unfortunately,...

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