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22 Feb Non-judicial foreclosure – act immediately or you’ll be on the street!

Stop ForeclosureHomeowners facing foreclosure have drastically different experiences from state to state. In states like Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Texas and Arizona, among others, mortgage foreclosures move ahead with rocket-like speed. A homeowner could be literally out of her home in 90 days. The lender gives the borrower a notice of default. The lender advertises the house for foreclosure sale on the courthouse steps. And the house is sold. Just like that. A few days later, the sheriff will be at the homeowner's door to evict her and maybe rudely. In non-judicial foreclosure states, you have to act really fast. And you have to file a lawsuit in court to stop the foreclosure. You need to get an injunction. You need a lawyer who knows this business and you need that lawyer now.
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