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11 May Loan Modification, It Does Happen

Workouts for borrowers with defaulted home loans are a reality. Unfortunately, it appears to be the small, specialized sub-prime loan servicers that understand the problem and have figured out how to best solve it. Large lenders have yet to establish procedures for handing defaulted loans quickly and efficiently without resorting to foreclosure. In an article I wrote several months ago called Loan Modification, Fact or Fantasy, I questioned whether or not the concept of loan modification had any basis in fact or if the press conferences announcing voluntary loan modification programs were nothing more than a publicity stunt.
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09 Apr How do I check out of my hotel condo?

Signature at MGM GrandFuelling the over-heated housing market a couple of years back was real estate investing, and the result today is a condo market where units are selling for half of what people paid for them in 2005. Anyone who purchased a condominium as an investment must have realized the potential to lose money, no matter how remote that possibility seemed. However, what if you were sold your condo by an aggressive developer who "projected" for you a return on your investment? Well, that doesn’t sound like a condo. That sounds like a security, and if the developer created an expectation of an investment return, federal securities laws may have been broken.
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