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29 Mar Is My Spouse Responsible For My Debt?

For along time in the United States, we have recognized that husbands and wives are separate legal entities. We may take for granted that women can own property in their own name or that a husband does not 'own' his wife. We accept that generally speaking, spouses are not responsible for each other's debts. They can file for bankruptcy alone.

But is this entirely true?

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27 Mar Is Your Credit An Asset?

In America, "Thou shalt protect your credit rating" is the Eleventh Commandment. Some folks track their credit score the way cardiologiststrack blood pressure and cholesterol. It's true: Your Fico score is important. What you pay for credit will start - and sometimes end - with that one number, generated by the secretive math wizards at Fair Issac. A good number can save thousands over the course of a home or even car loan. But like any asset, your "good credit" costs something to acquire and keep.
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