Steps To Avoid Bankruptcy: Why Should I Read The Fine Print?

10 Aug Steps To Avoid Bankruptcy: Why Should I Read The Fine Print?

But Momma, that is where the fun is. Okay, Manfred Mann was not talking about contracts or commercials. But the advice rings true. The good [or bad] stuff is in the fine print. Today I received an offer for phone service from my internet carrier. I subscribe to Charter. Whether that is good or bad is irrelevant. But being an existing customer, I am satisfied with the internet service so I perused the phone service ad. The offer is for unlimited local and long distance calling for $29.99. That is less than I currently pay for my existing carrier. But there, in the fine print, was the hook. It is a teaser rate for the first 3 months. Okay again, I am an existing customer, so I figured I could call the toll-free number and get the details. A nice fellow answered and offered to help. I asked, point blank, how much will phone service cost after expiration of the teaser rate. He started into a script. I interrupted him, and asked, in ten words or less, how much. He did not give me a number and went back to the script. I stopped him again and said the teaser rate does not ask how many phones I have and all I want to know is how much the basic cheapest phone service cost. Two seconds later I hung up on the offer. The point, be the boss. Do not fall for the pretty big words. Look underneath the deal. A fair deal should be able to stand up on its own, and not require trickery, camouflage or misdirection. Protect your money from automatic rate increases that are not disclosed in the big print. To keep your money and stay out of debt you need to look into the sun where the fun is.

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Andy Miofsky, Esq.

Andy Miofsky holds the highest AV PREEMINENT rating from Martindale Hubbell Law Directory and a perfect 10.0 from AVVO. Andy is an Illinois consumer rights lawyer with offices in Granite City Illinois. Andy represents people with bankruptcy and student loan debt problems throughout the Southern District of Illinois since 1979.
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