Stephen Baldwin – Another Celebrity Bankruptcy

22 Jul Stephen Baldwin – Another Celebrity Bankruptcy

Stephen Baldwin file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy yesterday.  He is just another celebrity who has been brought back to reality.  Although I have yet to see the Petition and Schedules that were filed in the Bankruptcy Court, news reports state that the actor is millions of dollars in debt.  His website does not make a mention of the bankruptcy filing.  Personally, I like him as an actor.  I could live without his appearances on the reality television shows.According to all the news that I could gather so far, it appears that Stephen Baldwin owed mostly mortgages, taxes and credit card debt.  So, what makes him different than anyone else who finds themselves in a Bankruptcy Attorney’s office?  Nothing.  It seems that the same people that walk in my door each and every day have the exact same issues.  So, now the next question would normally be – How does he regroup and work this way out of this bankruptcy?  That is the exact same question that is asked by my clients.

I believe that it is much easier for a celebrity to work their way out of a financial problem than it is for normal people.  We have normal jobs.  Mr. Baldwin can be hired after his bankruptcy is complete and make $3 million dollars for a movie role or he can land yet another reality television show appearance.

I wish Stephen Baldwin the best.  I hope that he puts his best foot forward and speaks out on the issue of bankruptcy.  I hope he sheds light on his personal finances and brings his experience to the mainstream media.  He can help many people with his take on the issue, just like former Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jenny McCarthy, who now is a leading advocate for Autism.

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