Seeking The Last Resort Earlier: Why Bankruptcy Should Not Be Your Last Resort

30 Nov Seeking The Last Resort Earlier: Why Bankruptcy Should Not Be Your Last Resort

Traditionally bankruptcy has been known as a last resort, but that is no longer good advice. For many people, bankruptcy is a better choice than sinking further and further into debt, exhausting their savings and retirement plans, putting their homes at risk, or dragging their families into their financial mess.

While bankruptcy protection is something that should be sought when other options don’t work, people confuse this by wrongly thinking that seeking help from a bankruptcy lawyer should be their final step. If people go to a consumer bankruptcy lawyer first, any good lawyer will mention non-bankruptcy alternatives that are appropriate for the client. If people start with a lawyer, they may find that the chances that they can repay in full or at least a good portion of their debt in Chapter 13 are high.

Lawyers are free to discuss ALL legal methods including credit counseling debt management plans, settlements and other legal options, which is something that a non-lawyer can not do since the aren’t qualified nor allowed to give legal advice. Furthermore, just talking to a lawyer won’t worsen your situation and may give you insight into how to prevent sinking further into debt.

If you give us the opportunity to help you before things get so out of hand that there is no turning back, sometimes we can help you get back on your feet without you having to go through years of misery. While I won’t tell anyone that filing for bankruptcy is the best thing since sliced bread, I will tell you it is better than many of the things people try before they come see me to discuss it. Don’t wait to seek help – talking won’t hurt you but waiting might.

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