Resolution Mindset and Bankruptcy

07 Jan Resolution Mindset and Bankruptcy

Get the word out.  You have the power to change your mindset.

Get the word out. You have the power to change your mindset.

So the new year has started. Have you made a New Year’s resolution? If you have, how are you doing with it so far?

Isn’t true that you never want something more than at the moment you make the determination that you are going to avoid something? It makes no difference if it is pop, chocolate, smoking or credit cards. Think about that initial overwhelming urge that rises up inside of you.

It is this urge that often makes the difference between succeeding in changing the behavior or continuing down the same path. When you tell people they cannot use credit cards anymore it is not uncommon to see sheer terror wash over them. “What do you mean I cannot use credit anymore? How am I going to put gas in the car or food on the table?”

One way to look at changing your spending habits is to not think of this change in a negative way but rather a positive way. Instead of thinking, I cannot use credit anymore, say to yourself I am going to use cash to pay for my everyday needs. Instead of saying, how can I put food on the table, say to yourself I am going to learn to budget and cook more meals at home.

A positive mindset and reinforcement through achievable daily goals are ways to modify behavior. Set a daily to goal to pay cash for the things you need. Take it on day by day basis and take pride in your daily accomplishments. Changing your mindset and behavior is no small task. Still not convinced, ask anyone who has stopped smoking.

The right mindset is one of the keys to a successful bankruptcy. When you get into a positive mindset you will start to view things in a different way. Additionally you will begin to the notice the positive side of being debt free and breaking the addiction to credit.

This is a new day and a new year full of possibilities. The power to change is within each of us. Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about changing your mindset the more power you will have to break the credit card addiction.

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