QVC Equals Debt Not Friendship.

17 Nov QVC Equals Debt Not Friendship.

Contrary to popular belief QVC is not your friend and could really care less about you, they just want to place you in debt. I handled one of the saddest intakes this evening that involves a senior citizen who owes a $50,000 debt to QVC at 28%.

This woman is solely on Social Security income and was on Social Security when she started buying from QVC. I was curious as to what in tarnation would she purchase for $50,000 on the home shopping network.

The result was really nothing. So I inquired what was the motive for the purchasing, unfortunately it is what I had feared. She is a widow and very lonely without her spouse. So one day she stumbled across QVC and they made her feel like an old friend. The hosts were someone that she felt were speaking directly to her and she became caught up in the rhetoric and purchased the items. Why not, they made her feel like an old friend and friends would not want to harm you.

Be aware that QVC and everyone else with these informercials are in the business to solely take your money. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. These businesses pay a tremendous amount of money to professionals to find out what is the quickest and slickest way to pick your pocket and make your feel good about going broke.

America is in trouble because businesses today are greedy and just want to pad their pockets at any costs. The proof is in the fact that this woman should have never been approved for this line of credit. I am infuriated that this company has preyed upon this woman and the pain that they are currently causing her.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Do not fall prey to these vultures. If you have older parents and/or friends who are lonely and are exposed to the television and internet all day, check up on them to ensure that they are not being preyed upon.

It used to be door to door salesman or direct mailings. Now the creditors have stepped up their game and use the television and the internet to draw the individual into their web of debt.

If you feel like that a loved one has fallen victim to scam there is something you can do. You can contact the Attorney General for your state. Just about every Attorney General’s office has a division for the aging that will investigate those who prey on our senior citizens. Don’t let your loved ones fall victim to anyone who wants to take their money.

If you are reading this and feel like this article is speaking to you but you are not a senior citizen than you may need help too. The first is to get to the root of why you are shopping constantly. It may be because QVC speaks to you and you too are lonely. If so then it might be time to take up a hobby like walking through a park. If you are spending but just cannot stop it might be a result of a compulsive behavior pattern that you will need to seek advice of a counselor. It could be a dozen or so other reasons but you need to first admit that you have a problem before seeking help will do you any good. But never, never, never, feel as though you are powerless to change your situation.

This is not the time to use shopping as a substitute for companionship. Believe me when I say, QVC is not going to be delivering food to your home when you are broke unless you put it on their EZ Pay Plan at 28%.

If you or a loved one feel as though they have fallen victim to a scam please contact your local Attorney General’s office and file a complaint. Protect our citizens from those who feel no shame in taking their every last dime. If you feel as though Bankruptcy maybe your answer to a fresh start than contact a qualified Bankruptcy Attorney in your area to review your options under the law.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more you learn about why you or your loved ones spend the greater power you will be able to gain over your money. Don’t let the creditors control your financial freedom and don’t let them prey on the feelings and the pockets of our senior citizens.

Written by Rachel Lynn Foley, KCBankruptcy.

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