Public Access To Claims Now Denied!

20 Apr Public Access To Claims Now Denied!

Many creditors have been improperly publishing confidential information about debtors in proof of claims in response to chapter 13 cases over the years.  Recently, many debtors’ attorneys have been moving the Bankruptcy Court to restrict this information.  Now, the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California has taken this one step further!

In my previous blog, I talk about the confidential information that is getting disclosed to the public.  As of Thursday, 4/17/08, the United States Bankruptcy Court has initiated the following court procedure and without any General Court Order, in response to all my motions:   

No order needs to be submitted anymore to restrict public access to these documents.  They are auto restricted per court policy after clerk review.

There may be a new button on ecf to help both the creditor and debtor restrict access.  This button is being considered and in the works.  

All claims in closed and discharged cases are now restricted.   

All claims in cases prior to 12/1/3 are now restricted

So good news Debtors!  We are making progress towards implementing better identity protection for you!!!! 

Written by Michael G. Doan 

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