Bankruptcy May Offer Relief While Our Country Faces Stressful Times.

23 Oct Bankruptcy May Offer Relief While Our Country Faces Stressful Times.

Gregory Smith recently held up a payday loan establishment in Indianapolis, IN. He felt that his back was against the wall and had no where to turn. Mr. Smith went into the Advance America to take out a payday loan so that he could put food on the table for his young child. When Angela Montez, the clerk for Advance America, asked him for identification he left the store. Mr. Smith went out of the store to get his id and returned with a gun.

The gun had one bullet in the chamber. With this gun he was going to rob the store but what transpired saved his life and possibly his soul. Angela Montez kept her wits about her and calmly spoke to Mr. Smith about his situation and offered to pray with him. She convinced him that this was not the way to conduct his life and that he has too much to live for.

The end result is that Gregory Smith removed the bullet, took $20 from the cash drawer, a cell phone from Angela’s purse and left the store. Later that night he turned himself into the police and offered this apology: “It had to be God working through her because she just talked to me like a mother or a grandmother to her child, and she made me feel comfortable,” he said. “I started telling her stuff I hadn’t even told my own mother. I even tried to give her the gun, she wouldn’t take it.” Gregory added: “To everybody who I’ve affected with this, I just want to say I’m sorry for putting you all through this.”

Desperate times have a tendency to make people do desperate things. My fear is that this young man was on the brink of suicide as evidenced by the single bullet in the gun. Right, wrong or indifferent this young man felt like he had no where to turn for help. Thank God that Angela Montez was there to offer pray and took the time to listen.

I am hoping that Mr. Smith can put this situation behind him and use the experience as turning point in his life. As Mat Kearney says in his song, “We are all one phone call from our knees. ” You do not have to go through life alone or face situations by yourself. When your back is against the wall, seek help!

Some resources for you to consider:

  1. National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys
  2. Suicide Hotline
  3. Legal Aide
  4. Prayer

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more power you will have to face tough times.

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