McCain vs. Obama Tax Views

30 Oct McCain vs. Obama Tax Views

On the Bankruptcy Law Network I posted the views of the presidential hopefuls regarding bankruptcy.  Now here is some information regarding McCain and Obama and their views on how they anticipate handling tax matters.  Take the time to do the research because our Country is currently 10 trillion dollars in debt so the tax policy of either candidate will affect our debt as a Country and as individuals.

AARP offered its view on the tax debate based on a non partisan report by the Tax Policy Center.

Wall Street Article review.

Tax Professor, Paul Caron’s blog about the presidential hopefuls and their view on taxes.  It also includes a tax calculator so you can see first hand on your taxes will be affected under each candidate.

Tax Policy Center analysis regarding the presidential candidates.

If you have not already voted you can review the material listed above to make an informed decision.  It is up to you to be informed and aware on how your government is changing.  Never believe that your vote and your voice do not matter.  The right to vote is a privilege that is discussed throughout the Constitution. So don’t sit back on election day because your vote does matter.

This Country was based on the idea of freedom which include that taxation without representation would not be tolerated.  Although it was not included in the Constitution it was an idea that certainly sparked a revolution.

It is your future on the line.  It is your financial future that will be affected by the tax policy of either gentleman running for the highest office of our Country.  Knowledge is power, especially during the election season.  Take the time to analyze the issues and if you are not sure research the issue and pick up the phone and ask the headquarters of the candidates tough questions.

Regardless of who you prefer to run America I hope you take the time to vote as it will assist in making your choice a reality.

Written by Rachel Lynn Foley, Kansas City Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney.

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