Life after bankruptcy – you can restore our credit quickly!

21 Jan Life after bankruptcy – you can restore our credit quickly!

Today, I received a letter from a client. And with her permission, I am repeating her entire letter here, with her name omitted to protect her privacy.

We filed a chapter 7 just 5 months ago. Here’s how the world looks like to her today:

Dear Mr. Leibowitz,

Just a note to let you know we are pleased with how everything went (and was handled) with our bankruptcy. A few weeks ago we received a notice from the court that our discharge was granted.

This weekend I pulled my credit score to see what the damage was, I was shocked to see that my credit score was 706 including the bankruptcy. I was expecting it to be much worse.

So instead of being up to our ears in bills with 2 mortgages, this year we are focusing on giving back. We are taking a trip to Guatemala this summer to help an indigenous Mayan community. We will be helping build houses, installing water filtration systems and helping at a school. This is going to be a great year!!

Thanks for all your done for us. I truly appreciate it.

Kind regards and blessings,

(my client)

Now this client’s experience may not be the same as yours. But our client does demonstrate some very important points:

  • There is definitely life after bankruptcy
  • You can restore your good credit sooner than you think
  • One of the best ways to rebuild your life is to do things for others

I am very proud of what we did for our client and even more proud of what our client will be doing for people in need in Guatemala. Live your life with gratitude, purpose and love – you’ll find that the day you file your bankruptcy will be the first day of the rest of your life.

Lakelaw Cares – we help people rebuild their credit after bankruptcy in Illinois and Wisconsin. Call us at 1 866 LAKELAW (525-3529).

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