I Got A Foreclosure Notice–How Long Do I Have Before I Have To Leave My Home?

24 May I Got A Foreclosure Notice–How Long Do I Have Before I Have To Leave My Home?

First, understand one thing. Every state is different. Some states have court involvement in foreclosure and other states don’t involve the courts. The first is called judicial foreclosure; the second is called non-judicial foreclosure. Where your house is located makes the difference. And every state is having problems with foreclosure’s effects upon its residents. In Oregon, a non-judicial foreclosure state, the mortgage company must first publish the foreclosure sale in a newspaper. Typically, the homeowner has between 120-180 days before that sale occurs. In the meantime, fees generated by the trustee appointed to do the sale are increasing daily. The amount necessary to stop the sale goes up and up.

Michael Doan wrote about California and what happens after foreclosure in that state. Rachel Foley recent posted about Missouri and explained that Missouri was a non-judicial foreclosure state. Susanne Robiscek of North Carolina explains that the time is very short in North Carolina. Jay Fleischman discussed Ohio’s efforts to stop the foreclosure flood. Carmen Dellutri of Florida wrote about fighting foreclosures in court.

Each state is different and the common theme among these blogs is to NOT wait until the last minute. See an experienced attorney in your area as soon as you get the notice of foreclosure.

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