Have You Been Sued On A Medical Debt While Receiving Medicaid?

28 Oct Have You Been Sued On A Medical Debt While Receiving Medicaid?

If you have been sued on a medical debt incurred while you were receiving Medicaid while pregnant, a minor, an inpatient, emergency room, receiving family planning care, or receiving hospice care, 42 United States Code 1396(a)(14) and 42 Federal Regulations 447.15 provide Medicaid must be accepted as payment in full and independent collection action is forbidden.

If you qualify for Medicaid, you probably also qualify for Legal Aid in your area. If you are being dunned by a medical facility and Medicaid should be reimbursing that facility for your care, please call Legal Aid immediately. If you qualify for Medicaid and have been sued by either the facility or a debt collector for a debt which should have been paid by Medicaid, please call Legal Aid immediately. Even if a judgment has already been entered against you, if not too much time has passed, an attorney may be able to assist you to overturn the judgment.

Legal Aidand Legal Servicesare two important non-profit organizations which provide legal assistance to low-income Americans. Each state typically has one or both organizations in their state. If all else fails, you can reach an attorney specializing in consumer protection issues by contacting the National Association of Consumer Advocates.


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