Guest Post Guidelines

We accept articles from others at Bankruptcy Law Network. In fact, we’re always looking for new voices with something relevant to say on the subject of bankruptcy.

The problem is we’ve never published any strict guidelines. So here they are.

So how hard is it to get a guest post on BLN?

You know the old saying about how you can’t define something but you’ll know it when you see it? Yeah, we’re kind of like that.

Writing content for BLN is tough, but it’s not impossible. Follow a few key concepts and you’ll be on your way.

BLN is useful

First rule of BLN is to make yourself useful to either consumers or other bankruptcy lawyers.

Is there something you’ve learned about consumer bankruptcy law that’s interesting, perhaps a little off-the-wall, and esoteric? Have you just read over a new decision and think you can boil it down in bite-sized pieces?

That’s useful.

BLN readers want content they can act on and understand. They want posts that help them improve their understanding of the state of the bankruptcy laws as they exist today. Explore some facet of bankruptcy that you feel strongly about and that you can express clearly.

BLN is clear

If you’re writing for BLN, you’re writing clearly and concisely. Remember, our readers are either busy bankruptcy lawyers or scared consumers. Write so everyone can understand you – strip away the technical legalese and show us something we can bite into.

BLN is non-commercial

If you’re thinking about writing a commercial for your firm, think again. BLN is comprised of pure content, nothing more or less. If you’re uncomfortable with content marketing, that’s cool – but we won’t fit.

BLN is well-written

We are picky around here. Extremely picky.

You don’t need to be a Supreme Court Justice, but you need to have an opinion. And you need not be John Grisham, but you should be able to keep up a flow and move the piece forward. Be interesting. Be thought-provoking. Be a fun read. That gets you published.

Run your piece through spell check.

If you have a useful, relevant and well-written post, what’s the next step?

Email us at guestposts <at> and send us a plain text version of your post. No attachments, please – just put the post in the body of the email.

Please be patient with us–some days we’ve got a lot on our plates (what with the “running our own practices,” and all) but we’ll get back to you as fast as we can to let you know if your piece has been accepted for publication.