Getting Started

Bankruptcy filings require you to disclose a great deal of information about your entire financial life, including

  • your household income
  • your household expenses
  • your assets
  • your debts
  • your recent financial history
  • your most recent tax returns

Currently even the most simple bankruptcy petition runs over 75 pages, although many of the questions may not be applicable to you.

Often the easiest way to start is to arrange a “big picture” meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer.  You’ll need to prepare for this meeting by sketching out a budget and listing all debts and assets, and if you decide to pursue bankruptcy relief, your lawyer can give you a list of what else he or she needs.

It is always in your best interest to provide your lawyer, and ultimately the bankruptcy court, with accurate and truthful information.  Fortunately credit reports and public records can be accessed easily and most bankruptcy debtors are able to put together within just a few days all the information they need to file.