GasBuddy = Gas Savings

07 Jan GasBuddy = Gas Savings

Now more than ever clients and ordinary people are trying to save money any way they can.  People will seek out obvious ways to save such as eliminating eating out or for me, stop coffee purchases. But what about looking for not so obvious ways to save money? Gas is one of those necessary expenses we think we have no control over the price we pay. But, that may not be true.

There is a service called GasBuddy. It is a free application you may download on your phone or use through their website to check the lowest price of gas around you.

If you use the phone application it will collect data.  So before downloading read about their Privacy Policy here.  If you do not feel comfortable with that data collection you may use the website itself here.

Does GasBuddy save you money? Absolutely! I mapped out my route home from the office last week and found gas at Costco for $1.62 per gallon. The price at the other gas stations on my way home? $1.83 per gallon.

$0.21 per gallon savings at 12 gallons equals a total savings of $2.52 per tank. If I save $2.52 each week and multiply that by 52 weeks, I will save $131.04 per year.

It may not seem like a life-changing moment but it is a small change with great potential. If you add the $2.52 per week savings to other financial changes and save $25 per week, you will save $1,300 by the end of the year.

What can you do with $1,300 in savings? Change is possible and if we change the way we look at spending.

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