Free Information About Credit.

30 Jul Free Information About Credit.

Below are some free resources where you can obtain information about credit:

  1. Of course Credit Law Network where bankruptcy attorneys blog about all things related to credit.
  2. Annual Credit Report website where you can obtain a 3 bureau credit report every 366 days.  The Free Annual Credit Report website may have cute commercials but the reports are really not free.
  3. Federal Trade Commission website about credit.
  4. Federal Citizen Information Center. The federal government has put all kinds of free resources together for your information.
  5. Mobility and Money for military personnel and their families.
  6. Consumer Action Handbook. This is a publication that I hand out to my clients.
  7. Two sites with information about FICO.  FICO and My FICO.
  8. Credit Slips. A blog by 8 academics about Credit and Bankruptcy.
  9. Institute for Financial Literacy. Free information about credit and managing your debt.
  10. Hummingbird Credit Counseling Center. Another wonderful website for free information about credit and managing your debt.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about credit and how it affects your financial life the more power you will have to regain financial control.

Written by Kansas City Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Lynn Foley.

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