Forget about Bankruptcy

29 Aug Forget about Bankruptcy

Don’t think about filing for bankruptcy. At least not today.

Enjoy the last weekend of August and the long Labor Day weekend.

Turn off electronics.

Grab a book.

Head to the pool or the back yard​.

Cook out hamburgers.

Eat the last peaches of the season.

August is my favorite month.

August is poetic – inviting the use of​ words like “waning” or “sultry“. There is something about those long, last days of summer ​as schools start back​and Labor Day is just around the corner. ​The​ sound of cicadas ​in the trees ​still call nightly, and thisyear there was an additional treat of singing frogs brought by the rain that seemed to fall every day.

I started practicing bankruptcy law in 1989 and I noticed a seasonal trend to filing bankruptcy. It always seemed to let up a little bit in the summer as people got out of the house, increased their activities, and spent more time with families. I think that ​that there is just more do do in the summer and that helps to distract ​everyone fromworrying about​ problems.

In the days before everyone had cell phones​, creditors couldn’t reach you when you were outside and away from the landline. Now the creditors aren’t as easy to ignore, but summer still seems to make it easier to get away from some of life’s worries.

This is the face of my bankruptcy clients. People who breath a little easier in the summer. Good people who work hard to support their families. People who catch fireflies, play football and have friends over for cookouts. People who find themselves with less income than needed to pay the bills that come in every month. People who wish they could ignore speaking to a bankruptcy attorney like me. People who never thought that they would be thinking about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

I know that school is starting soon, the days will shorten and the cooler days of fall are approaching. For methat means that people will start getting back to business. They will have to deal with the financial stress of overwhelming bills and other budget problems at some point. Lawyers like me will be ready to meet with them to talk about how bankruptcy protects good people and helps them get back on their feet.

But until then, my advice is toenjoy the rest of the summer and forget about bankruptcy … for now. Fall is coming soon enough.

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