Find Bankruptcy Information Without A Lawyer

08 Feb Find Bankruptcy Information Without A Lawyer

Susanne Robicsek PhotoSo, are you looking for information on bankruptcy? There are a number of reasons that people go to the internet for research if they are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, even before consulting a lawyer.

Many people turn to the web to find information. What you find on the internet varies from excellent to terrible, and if you don’t understand the subject, you might not know the difference.

Why do people look on the internet for bankruptcy information? There are lots of reasons, but here are a few:

  • They might think they can file bankruptcy without a lawyer.
  • They may like knowing as much as they can before taking the next step.
  • They may not think a lawyer will spend enough time explaining it, so they want to learn what they can in advance.
  • They might not want to see a lawyer until they have decided they “need one”, in other words, they try to figure out in advance whether or not they will file bankruptcy before going to the lawyer to find out.
  • They might be trying toavoid filing bankruptcy.

What kind of people do research?

The Planners:this type of person likes to know everything they can in advance. They go on the internet and learn everything they need to know about bankruptcy, how to do it, why to do it and how it works.

Honest, hardworking billpayers: this person is sure that they are not the kind of person who files for bankruptcy, so they aren’t even thinking about going to see a bankruptcy attorney. Well, maybe thinking just a little bit. They go on the internet because they are in trouble, and are trying to figure out what to do about it.

Not sure of what they need so they are going to check things out first: Some people never even thought about bankruptcy, but stumble upon information when they are looking into how to solve a financial problem. As they read about other people’s issues, how bankruptcy works, a bell rings in their heads that this might be something to learn more about.

Looking for a lawyer and some information so they can pick a good one: Others just might be looking on the internet to try to find a lawyer and they don’t know who to ask. Most people don’t just casually ask their friends, family or coworkers for a recommendation for bankruptcy lawyers! It is hard enough to ask a lawyer about your troubles, let alone tell people around you that you are in financial trouble.

  • Some people research bankruptcy even after they see a lawyer.

People who have seen a lawyer, but didn’t understand what they told them: If you saw a lawyer, and didn’t understand the advice he gave you, or you think that the lawyer isn’t willing or able to be able to explain it to you, then you might need to keep looking for another lawyer.

No lawyer can teach you everything you need to know at once, but you should have the feeling that they are going to answer your questions as your case is prepared.

The internet has a lot of information but much of what you find on the web is just incorrect.

However some of the information is so bad that almost anyone ought to be able to tell it should not be considered a good resource.

Here is an example taken from one of the many websites that I found that has terrible writing quality.

Posting wіth regard tο confidential bankruptcy іѕ indeed аn psychological аѕ well аѕ complicated option tο produce. Bυt аѕ soon аѕ a person offers сhοѕе tο proceed even аѕ using technique, thе next primary query іn order tο qυеѕtіοn fοr іѕ іn fact regardless οf whether іn order tο declare Section 7 οr even Section 13. Yου′ll find benefits аnd drawbacks іn order tο еνеrу. Individuals οr even businesses thаt bе eligible fοr a 1 couldn’t bе eligible fοr a уουr οwn additional.

What does that even mean?

The article is so poorly written! You can easily see that the words are not written how we normally speak and clearly the writer does not understand bankruptcy.

The terms aren’t correct, for example they use “Section 7 or even Section 13” when they would have usedChapter 7andChapter 13if they knew about bankruptcy!

Additionally the article doesn’t provide a clear explanation about thepoint of bankruptcy.

This article was probably written just to get traffic to the page for someone like you looking for bankruptcy information, then they will steer you towards another website where some attorney is likely paying to get your business. In other words, this is marketing. Welcome toadvertisingin the internet age!

So the point is that if you are looking for information on filing bankruptcy, you might find a lot of good information on the internet but you have to be really careful.

In my opinion, it is easier to find a good lawyer with experience, who can look at your case and give you the information you need without you having to decide if what you read is good or bad information. Meet the lawyer, see how they treat you, whether or not they seem to understand the law and can explain it to you.


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