Financed Your Computer with Dell Financial Services? Check Your Contract!

by Kevin Gipson, New Orleans Bankruptcy Attorney

June 1, 2008

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Did you buy a Dell Computer and use Dell Financial Services, L.P. to finance the debt?

In the case of The People of the State of New York v. Dell, Inc. and Dell Financial Services, L.P., the Supreme Court  for the State of New York found that Dell lured consumers into purchasing its products with advertisements that offered attractive no interest and/or no payment financing promotions, when in fact the vast majority of consumers, many of whom had very good to excellent credit scores, were denied these deals.

The court further found that Dell frequently failed to clearly inform these consumers that they had not qualified for the promotional terms, leaving many to unwittingly finance their purchase at high interest rates.

The decision also held that Dell incorrectly billed consumers on cancelled orders, returned merchandise, or accounts that the consumer did not authorize Dell to open.  Dell would then harass the consumers with illegal billing and collection activity.

Even when consumers contacted Dell to advise it of the errors, Dell would not suspend its collection activity and would fail to credit consumers accounts, resulting in many consumers continuing to be subjected to harassing collection calls.

Many consumers found that Dell also reported these disputed debts on the consumer’s credit history.  The misinformation often had an adverse affect on the credit rating of these individuals.

Often when negative credit information appears with a credit reporting agency it can result in the denial of credit or credit at a higher interest rate.

The Court determined that Dell should be enjoined from this type of conduct to prevent any recurrence of  what the Court described at “…misleading, deceptive and unlawful conduct.”

So, I will ask again:  Did you buy a Dell Computer using Dell Financial Services, L.P. to finance the debt?  If so, you may want to take a look at your contract to see if you got the deal you thought you received.

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