Defense of Foreclosure

26 Feb Defense of Foreclosure

With foreclosures heading toward an all time high, defensive tactics are becoming increasingly important. Due to the complexity of the home loan securitization process, it is often hard for a loan servicer to find the original paperwork from the loan transaction. Here is a news story highlighting some of the defenses used by attorneys to defend homeowners from foreclosure.

While a technical challange may not be the best strategy in some circumstances, if congress fails to enact legislation to help homeowners, bankruptcy has signigicant limitations.

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I was admitted to practice in 1978. I am certified as a Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist by the American Board of Certification. I regularly speak on tax and bankruptcy issues at state, regional and national conferences. Years of experience in practice before the Internal Revenue Service and Oregon Department of Revenue have given me the background to resolve a large variety of consumer tax issues.
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