Debt Control Begins With Listening to Your Conscience.

25 Jun Debt Control Begins With Listening to Your Conscience.

Whether you have financial or weight debt your fist step to recovery is to listen to your conscience. Easier said than done that is for sure. However, if you can train yourself to start listening to your inner voice, Jiminy Cricket, conscience or gut, you can start on the road to gaining control over your life. In this world of excess we want things now without considering the consequences of that split second decision. Now more than ever that type of thinking creates devastating results.

If we eat everything we want the result is guilt, depression, poor health and possible death. If we purchase everything we want the result is guilt, depression, debt and possible death (suicide). So how do we start on the road to recovery? Change the thought process before we eat something or purchase something.

When you are getting ready to purchase something are you buying on impulse or are you buying because you actually need or want something? When you eat are you eating because you actually need the food or drink that you are putting in your body or are you doing this action without even thinking. There are many similarities between both of these behaviors. Make no mistake eating or purchasing at its basic level is a behavior that can be altered.

So before you begin to purchase something ask yourself do I really need this? Stop, be quiet in your head and really ask yourself the question. Then walk yourself through the reasons of why you need this particular purchase. If there is any doubt at all, walk away. Your conscience is telling you that you do not need this particular thing. The questions you should ask, do I need it, why do I want it and most importantly what will the purchase cost do to my budget? By training yourself to change your thought patterns with purchasing things you may begin to see that you are not spending as much of your money as you once did. By training yourself to change your thought patterns with eating things you may begin to that you are eating healthier or not eating as much and therefore may become healthier.

Begin your training by making a list before you enter any store. List only the things that you need and stick to that list. While making that list again ask yourself why do I need this at this time? If your conscience agrees, keep it on your list. If your conscience is questioning your decision leave it off because you may not truly need it or maybe it is the wrong time. If you are making a major purchase and you have gone through the question and answer process with the response of yes I want and/or need this then I recommend that you wait 24-48 hours before purchasing. This ensures that you are not purchasing on impulse. Keep in mind that there are emergencies that may create exceptions.

Now take the same steps when evaluating what you are eating. Are you eating because you are truly hungry or just bored or just not thinking about it? Change your thought pattern before you eat or drink something. Make this a conscience decision about what you are putting into your body. One of the changes I try to incorporate is to drink a glass of water before I eat something. Why? Because I don’t drink enough water as a rule and two it helps to control my alleged appetite that I have. If I am still hungry after the water, I eat. If not I move along or I eat a smaller portion.

Why do I compare these two behaviors? Pull six months of your bank statements and review them. Now I want you to write down every McDonald’s, Burger King, Applebees, Starbucks and food related purchases. Add up how much you are spending on these purchases. I think you will be amazed. The two most common statements I hear from debtors are; I don’t know where my money goes and I am stressed and put on so much weight.

I believe that school bus drivers must stop, look and listen at every railroad crossing. They are stopping in order to make a conscience decision to proceed safely across the railroad tracks. They are looking both ways down the tracks to ensure that a train is not approaching. Finally they are listening to evaluate if a train is approaching if their site is obstructed.

So stop before you impulse eat or purchase. Look at what you are purchasing or eating and ask yourself why am I taking the next step of buying or eating. Listen to your conscience and if your conscience says no then the answer is no.


Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you gain about behavior modification the more control you will gain over your physical and financial health.

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