Cost Cutting Tips For Bankruptcy, Part I

03 Jun Cost Cutting Tips For Bankruptcy, Part I

When filing for bankruptcy one of the greatest expenses that I see for debtors is their cell phone bill. It is not unusual to see $100 to $150 monthly bill.

Trying to pry a cell phone out of a debtor’s hand is like trying to convince one of my Midwestern boys to give up their truck and buy a Focus. In most cases it is just not happening. The first step is to analyze why you use a cell phone.

Are you using it for your job, personal or just emergency use only? Do you travel outside your living area or do you just stay local? Is the cell phone bill so high because the kids are texting at 100 wpm? If you are within the Cricket area of coverage I highly recommend that you check this company out, especially if you have children.

There is no contract so this service runs month to month. $45 per month plus tax will give you unlimited calling, texting, video conferencing, pix and long distance calls. The service is great and it truly does work. How do I know? My assistant has her two children on Cricket and has been there for about a year now. The kids can text to their heart’s delight and she does not have to worry about paying the bill.

Well, she does not have to worry about the bill anyway because she makes her 14 and 18 year old pay their own bill but the advantage of Cricket is they can now afford to pay for their service instead of mom. Go to Cricket and check it out for yourself.

Remember that knowledge is power and the first step to using bankruptcy as your truly fresh start is to be honest with yourself and take control of your financial life.

Cost Cutting Tips Part I

Written by Rachel Lynn Foley.

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