Marriage and Debt

There are times when only one spouse in a marriage will want to file for bankruptcy.  Some of the factors to consider in determining whether spouses should file a joint or separate bankruptcy are discussed by New Mexico Bankruptcy Attorney Gini Nelson in her article  Must the Non-Filing Spouse’s Information Be Disclosed?  Unfortunately, even when only one spouse files for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy code requires […]

#6 My Spouse Does Not Want To Cooperate! What Do I Do Now? This continues the series I’m Filing, My Spouse Isn’t-What Happens? The series is introduced here. First, take a breath. The primary point in a bankruptcy is your good faith to fully and truthfully disclose all required information. You cannot make your spouse […]

We recently filed a chapter 13 case for a married couple. Suddenly and tragically, the husband died. What could we do? Well, it turns out to be not so simple. Married People Filing Jointly Really are Two Cases with One Bankruptcy Case Number Most of the time, married couples think of themselves as filing just […]

All too often money problems lead to divorce.  So it’s normal that a bankruptcy (or two) will be part of the picture. Should you file bankruptcy first, or wait until the divorce is filed or concluded?  A good question.  The answer depends entirely on where you live and what issues need to be resolved. A […]

If you are planning on filing for bankruptcy soon after moving out of your marital residence, there are some potentially serious issues to consider.  While filing for bankruptcy soon after separating from your spouse and leaving your home is entirely permissible, you should be sure you are fully aware of the consequences, particularly if you have equity in your […]

Why do “domestic support obligations” matter in bankruptcy?

by Bankruptcy Law Network (BLN)

December 21, 2009

Domestic support obligations are the top priority in any bankruptcy case. They come ahead of taxes and every other type of of unsecured claim. So if a person files a bankruptcy case, other creditors get nothing until back child support and alimony is paid in full.