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27 Jun The cost of fine print

An AARP survey, The Cost of Financial Jargon, put some numbers on the cost to consumers of investment instruments larded with technical terms. Thirty percent of those surveyed said they'd made an investment they regretted because they didn't understand it; 29% failed to invest or waited too long because the information provided was too confusing. Sixteen percent paid a penalty because they didn't understand the rules for withdrawal and another 16% paid more tax because they didn't understand the tax implications of their investment. These numbers seem conservative when I look at the number of consumers I meet who don't understand the workings of their day-to-day finances:
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15 Jun Bankruptcy J.K. Harris: After NC Attorney General Among Those Settling With J.K. Harris

Update: J.K. Harris filed for bankruptcyin 2011 in South Carolina following numerous troubles with consumers, after many troubles such as those described below. It started as a Chapter 11 but converted to Chapter 7 in January 2012. If you Google "J.K. Harris", the website for...

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13 Jun Thinking About Arbitrating Your Credit Card Dispute? California Results Show The Odds Are Against You!

Jay Fleischman, in his article on the Bankruptcy Law Network entitled: "Report: Arbitration Stacks The Deck Against Consumers", discusses the findings of a Public Citizens study which found that Arbitration proceedings, allegedly designed to resolve credit card debt disputes, favor the credit card industry. In a...

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28 Mar Can Settled Debt Hurt My Credit Rating?

The secret to settling debt with your creditors is assure finality. You want to make sure that the debt never comes back. (Read: Zombie Debt Haunts the Discharged and Zombie Debt.) Can debt be settled? Absolutely. However when you negotiate to settle your debt you must make sure that the creditor reports it properly on your credit report.

Will settled debt hurt your credit score?

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