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21 Nov 6 Stress-Reduction Tips For Cash-Strapped Times

We live in a hyper-stressed world, with work and family pulling us in all directions at once. Sometimes I wonder how we're living longer as a society - after all, the stress can't be good for us. Lots of my friends respond to stress by working out, sitting by the television in an effort to dull their senses, or hitting the day spa for a massage. That's great for them, but not for me. I dislike gyms, am not much for most TV beyond The Big Bang Theory, and the thought of a stranger touching me at a day spa makes me want to run screaming from the room. It occurs to me that all three of these stress-reduction solutions require money, something you may not have all that much of right now. Given the fact that being strapped for funds is a stressful event, you could probably use some stress relief right about now. It's good to clear your head so you can focus on getting through these difficult times.
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28 Aug 5 Positive Things That Filing Bankruptcy Can Do For You

As a Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, people often ask about the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy protection. I tell them simply that I can name 5 positive things right off the top of my head that bankruptcy can do. Of course there are more but I wouldn't want their eyes to glaze over when we start talking about bankruptcy. My list is not exclusive, and it would be more relevant here in Southwest Florida than other places, but I hope you will see some of the same benefits that I see: 1. The Automatic Stay - Hands down this is one of the biggest benefits of filing for bankruptcy protection. The automatic stay immediately stops most creditors and collection actions in their tracks. In Florida, the filing of a bankruptcy petition creates a bankruptcy estate and the automatic stay immediately goes into effect. So, many of my clients file bankruptcy during a pending collection lawsuit (including foreclosures) to get a moment to catch their breath.
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